Episode 32 – Shoot It Up Your Nose

What?! lol Don’t worry, we aren’t talking about drugs. 😉 But we ARE talking about a natural way to relieve sinus pain and pressure.  Sara and Hether share their experience with the Neti Pot. Who else has tried nasal irrigation?


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Episode 31 – Drop It While You Squat

IMG_4060So the original title was “Squat It While You Drop”, but then we thought this way fit the Snoop Dogg song better. 🙂 What in the world are we talking about? POOPING of course!  More specifically, sitting verses squatting while pooping.  We had SO MUCH FUN with this episode.  I think I literally laughed the ENTIRE time! Definitely a giggle fest.  But what did we find? Should we all be using squatting stools like the Squatty Potty?

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Episode 29 – Crystal Clear

IMG_1993Crystals – woo woo magic, just pretty to look at, or real healing properties?

We dive into the science behind all the claims of crystal advocates, Sara shares her experience with creating a mala bracelet at a yoga retreat, and we look into the science behind the amber necklaces all the babies are wearing these days.  Is baby fashion a thing? lol

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Episode 26 – Test Strips on the Wall

Can anybody guess the subject of this week’s podcast based on that title?!  LOL You’ll definitely have to listen to hear where the title came from!

pH-Test-StripsThe Alkaline Diet makes a lot of claims, one of them is being able to change and control the ph of your body.

We look into the science to find out if this is true, and if this diet is a safe and healthy way to eat.  We also talk a LOT about pee.

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