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This is a PODCAST where Certified health coaches Hether Crawford (CPT) and Sara Frappier (PhD, CPT) examine current health trends to see if their claims are true. Part science, part experience, and lots of fun learning. Here you will find recaps of each episode, links to research mentioned, pictures and more!

Hether Crawford is a Certified Health Coach and Personal Trainer and owner of Hether Crawford Fitness. Her commitment to health, nutrition, and fitness was born out of necessity after watching her son suffer from asthma, chronic upper respiratory infections and multiple ear infections, and her daughter struggle to concentrate at school. In 2007, through simple changes to what she fed her family, Hether changed her family’s world, and fueled her passion to help others make the same changes. She can often be found speaking to groups on what she loves, including from the TEDx stage. Hether is married to her best friend and has two beautiful children. She grew up as a pastor’s daughter with a love, or some might say obsession, of Elvis and UGA football. #GoDawgs! Hether LOVES social media and has deemed herself the selfie queen. 🙂 She loves that social media removes barriers and opens up opportunities to every community and individual, creating a global community.

Sara Frappier, PhD, CPT is a Personal Trainer, Certified Health and Wellness Coach and owner of Fit & Fierce Wellness with prior experience in project management of clinical research trials.  She earned a B.S in Biochemistry and Business Administration at St. Andrews University and subsequently completed her Doctoral degree in Biochemistry and Clinical Research at Vanderbilt University in 2011.  She has written three articles published in peer reviewed scientific journals as well as presented 11 abstracts at research conventions.  She is a former collegiate division II soccer athlete and is still active on the field as a youth soccer coach when she isn’t in the gym or working with her wellness clients. Sara has a passion for helping everyone live a healthy and authentic life!