Episode 19 – Equal Opportunity Herb


Have you heard about Turmeric? There are SO many health claims about this root/spice, and we were SO excited that there is actually a TON of scientific research to back most of them up!!  Listen to episode 19, and you just may find yourself stocking up on this little equal opportunity herb. 😉 Continue reading “Episode 19 – Equal Opportunity Herb”


Episode 17 – Kavasutra

Hey now! Go back and read the title before you get the wrong idea. 😉 😉

groovy-babyHether had not heard of Kava, but Sara has tried it before. Her experience, plus all the health claims surrounding it, made us want to do an episode DURING our personal experience with kava together. Yep, we do a couple shots of kava live on the podcast this week and report what we are feeling. Are you curious as to what kava is and what it did to us? Tune in for all the psychedelic details!  Continue reading “Episode 17 – Kavasutra”

Episode 16 – Scoby Snacks

Scoby-Hotel-Diptych-1-CroppedI laugh every time I think about Sara learning to make kombucha and thinking she needed a scooby! 🙂  A SCOBY (for symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast), or kombucha mother, is a mix of cultures of bacteria and yeast present during production of kombucha.

This week we look into the health benefits of fermented foods.  There’s some really exciting things coming out on the benefits!

Continue reading “Episode 16 – Scoby Snacks”

Episode 13 – It’s Getting Hot in Here

Steam-and-Sauna-Room-G02-X01-As personal trainers, we both love to get sweaty! 😉 The benefits of saunas and steam rooms have been touted for a long time, but are they true? Is one better for you than the other? And what about the hygiene?! LOL

156386335_XSIn this episode we get into the science behind the health claims of saunas and steam rooms, like can you detox through your sweat, and we may get a little childish with our humor.