Episode 33 – B to the C to the double A

IMG_5066If you’ve been to the gym, then you’ve probably seen people drinking something other than straight water during their workouts.  A lot of times they are using a BCAA supplement.  What is it for? What does it do? Are the benefit claims true?

Hether does her own experiment with a BCAA supplement, and Sara really digs into the science and the studies behind BCAAs.  What did they find out? Tune in to hear!

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Episode 32 – Shoot It Up Your Nose

What?! lol Don’t worry, we aren’t talking about drugs. 😉 But we ARE talking about a natural way to relieve sinus pain and pressure.  Sara and Hether share their experience with the Neti Pot. Who else has tried nasal irrigation?


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Episode 29 – Crystal Clear

IMG_1993Crystals – woo woo magic, just pretty to look at, or real healing properties?

We dive into the science behind all the claims of crystal advocates, Sara shares her experience with creating a mala bracelet at a yoga retreat, and we look into the science behind the amber necklaces all the babies are wearing these days.  Is baby fashion a thing? lol

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Episode 1 – Let’s Rap About Wraps

Wraps – Can they detox? Can they slim you? Can they banish cellulite? We dive into the research to answer all three of these questions, plus do a little hands-on research of our own!

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